Ascot Skylights Economy Flat Double Glazed Unit Bonded To 2x3" Treated Red Wood

Our Economy Flat Roof Skylight retains the high-quality manufacturing of our standard skylights, using treated timber and glass means we can offer this skylight at what we think is the best price around!



  • Toughened safety glass
  • Nova Neutral Plus double glazing
  • Argon filled
  • U-value of 1.2
  • Bonded 3 by 2 treated red wood frame


Fitting Details:

Our Economy Skylights come complete with treated 3x2 red wood frames, an additional 3x2 upstand can be fitted by the installer. We also recommend fitting a fairing to increase the pitch to a minimum of 10 degrees (as an extra we can supply the base and fairing at a nominal cost).


To Fit/Install Skylight:

Screw a 3x2 base and fairing to the deck, the internal dimensions should be exactly the same as the skylight internal dimensions. Apply some wood adhesive and screw the frame to your base (we include the screws with the skylight). To finish, the roof membrane (e.g. fibreglass/GRP, EPDM/rubber, etc.) is sealed to the side of the upstand up to the glass.


Internal Finish:

Fit plasterboard to the side, leaving a 3-4mm gap at the top. Dress off the edge of the plasterboard before fitting to leave a clean finish.

Custom sizes are available for our skylights. We manufacture from 400mm x 400mm all the way up to 1500mm x 2500mm - get in touch if our standard sizes aren't right for you!

Ascot Skylights Economy Flat Double Glazed Unit Bonded To 2x3" Treated Red Wood

  • Flat skylights for flat roofs: We are also able to manufacture most sizes of skylights, contact us if your size requirement is not listed. Enjoy the benefits of an Ascot Flat Roof Skylights as well as a great view of the sky, your room will get a more even distribution of daylight.


    • Treated red wood frames
    • Double glazed unit
    • 4mm argon filled, toughened safety glass.

    Optional extras (enquire for prices):

    • Blue-tinted, self-cleaning glass
    • Tinted glass
    • Frosted and/or patterned glass
    • Thicker 6mm glass

    Bespoke sizes:

    You can order any bespoke size up to our maximum of 1500x2500mm to suit your requirements.

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