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Installation Instructions

Don’t forget to add plasterboard to your measurements!


Also, we advise customers not to fix an exact date for installation until a delivery date can be confirmed, this is usually provided once the skylight is dispatched.


To cover our up-stand (frameless finish):


All of the dimensions given on this website are taken from the interior of each one of our skylights, these should match your opening size. If you wish, your plasterboard can cover the up-stand and go all the way up to the glass, which creates a much neater frameless finish, 100mm high.


To have our up-stand visible:


If you prefer for the finish to go up to the base of the up-stand, and leave it visible, then you will need to allow for both the thickness of your plasterboard and skimming.


Both options are illustrated in the two images to the right.


To fix in position – fit directly to the roof/OSB/ply:

  • Mark off where the up-stand frame is going to fit around your pre-cut opening in your roof.

  • Apply a thick bead of silicone to the marked area. You may need to apply more silicone to certain areas to allow for any distortions in the roof.

  • the Place your skylight on top of siliconed area and wipe away any excess.

  • Run a bead of silicone around the edge of the fixing lip to finish the silicone seal.

  • Then finish with your roofing membrane/flashing across the fixing lip and up the side of the up-stand.

N.B. Ensure you have a good bond/seal to maintain water tightness until the silicone cures.


Flat skylights only:

  • Finish by fitting the cosmetic top frame. Silicone just the corners of the frame then fit into position.

  • Then weigh down.

  • Clear excess silicone with 10mm round bar.

  • Dress, peel off excess when cured.

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