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Ascot Skylights Fibreglass Slim Bar Octagonal / Hexagonal Dome

Our stunning, slim-bar octagonal and hexagonal skylights, with 30mm side spars. We pride ourselves on providing the best value for fully assembled (ready to install) UK-manufactured slim-bar flat, lantern and pyramid skylights for flat roofs.


  • Made here in Manchester, UK!
  • Double glazed units (using toughened 4mm and 6mm glass) as standard
  • Some of the best thermal specifications (low U-value) available.
  • Come fully assembled and ready for installation, including GRP upstands.

Custom sizes are available for all of our products! We make the frames by hand on site meaning you can choose any size you like! Get in contact today for more information!

Ascot Skylights Fibreglass Slim Bar Octagonal / Hexagonal Dome

  • Pyramid Skylights for Flat Roofs: We are also able to manufacture most sizes of skylights, contact us if your size requirement is not listed.

    Enjoy the benefits of an Ascot Flat Roof Skylights as well as a great view of the sky, your room will get a more even distribution of daylight.

    Our Flat Roof Pyramid Skylights Come with the Following as Standard

    • Satin black up-stands and trims.
    • Double glazed unit with Neutral plus glass.
    • Argon filled with 4mm toughened safety glass.

    Choice of Optional Extras

    • Choice of up-stand colours
    • Self-cleaning glass (includes blue tint)
    • Tinted glass
    • Frosted glass with a choice of patterns
    • 6mm toughened safety glass

    Bespoke Options

    Alternatively you can order pretty much any bespoke size to suit your requirements (see maximum bespoke size below)

    The maximum size for a bespoke skylights is – 2000mm x 2000mm

    All dimensions are internal measurements

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