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Flat Skylight 475 x 880

Flat Roof Skylight 475MM x 880MM


Our stunning flat skylights, each one hand crafted on site. We pride ourselves on providing the best value for fully assembled (ready to install) UK-manufactured flat, lantern and pyramid skylights for flat roofs.


  • Made here in Manchester, UK!
  • Double glazed units (using toughened 4mm and 6mm glass) as standard
  • Some of the best thermal specifications (low U-value) available.
  • Come fully assembled and ready for installation, including GRP upstands.

Custom sizes are available for our skylights. We manufacture from 400mm x 400mm all the way up to 1500mm x 2500mm - get in touch if our standard sizes aren't right for you!

Flat Skylight 475 x 880

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